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This site is almost complete. I'll be activating the tutorial and free content links shortly. There aren't enough hours in the day!


Learn C4D, BodyPaint and Projection Man fast


C4D is a pro software. It's very easy to use and learn but does require some learning.


BodyPaint example of utility boxMy name is Mark Bremmer and I work with Maxon's Cinema 4D professionally for broadcast, print and matte painting clients. I've been hired by Virtual Training Corporation (VTC) to prepare some real-world tutorials for users that are interested in no-nonsense instruction aimed at the professional.

As all pros know, working with multiple 3D packages is the reality of the business. When I had to pick up C4D and BodyPaint on a rush project, I was surprised how difficult it was to find a full series that covered the core features of the program in a meaningful way. I never did. This series addresses that.

UV mapping in c4dCreated for the pro or serious CG enthusiast that wants to get up to speed quickly with C4D, BodyPaint and Projection Man, LearnC4D will help you get comfortable with program ASAP.

Most pro 3D artists hit a critical mass, where they thoroughly understand CG but are looking for the fastest way to learn new 3D tools in context. This series is for you.

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What about C4D r12?

R12 of Cinema 4D has a ton of cool, new capabilities. Everything you could do in r11.5 you can do in 12 plus more. I'll be posting up some specific tutorials about the new features as part of the advanced tutorial section – which will also be updated shortly.


Free C4D tutorials below.

adding labels in c4dThe first several sections have free movies. Listen and see if my teaching style works for you. VTC offers these as either online or DVD products. Get the series by clicking here!

While C4D is very easy to learn, it's also a pro level software – that means you have control over everything with a wide toolset.


C4D r12 is out. Is this series still valid?

Good question. Yes it is. Maxon has added some cool new features which I'll be covering in some Free C4D tutorials. However, the core functionality of C4D, BodyPaint and Projection man are unchanged.


Everything that you do in r11.5 directly translates to r12. I'll be posting some free tutorials showing off some of r12 features shortly.


Where do I get the full series?

Following the free lessons, you can see the full course outline. 11 hours; 137 movies. Get the full series here.


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Maxon Cinema 4D R11.5


Why Choose VTC's C4D R11.5 Course?

C4D Work Environment

Tool Classifications
Window Customization
Drag and Drop Functionality
Shading / Material Application
Coordinates Terms
Content Management

Navigating the Interface

Managers and Menus
Document Settings
Notable Settings
Contextual Menus
Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Hard Edge Modeling Projects

Primitive Modeling and Attributes Manager
Wash Basin - Primitives
Wash Basin - Booleans
Wash Basin - Grouping and Duplicating Objects
Wash Basin - Primitive Conversion and n-gons
Wash Basin - Structure and Function Categories
Wash Basin - Melt Knife Connect Bevel Extrude pt. 1
Wash Basin - Melt Knife Connect Bevel Extrude pt. 2
Wash Basin - Phong Shading and Auto Switch

NURBS Modeling Projects

NURBS Introduction
NURBS Essentials and HN Weighting
Plane Canopy - HN Box Modeling
Plane Canopy - Axis Orientation and Reposition
Plane Canopy - Knife
Plane Canopy - Hide Axis Spline Lines
Plane Canopy - Splines from Vertexes
Plane Canopy - Duplication on Splines
Plane Canopy - Preserve Groups Extrude
Plane Canopy - Subdivision and Dissolving
Plane Canopy - Split vs. Disconnect
Plane Canopy - Polygon Set Selections
Plane Canopy - Path Selections
Rail Splines
Stitch and Sew pt. 1
Stitch and Sew pt. 2
Submarine - Path Projection
Car Hood - Loft Nurbs
Specialty Spline Paths
Snapping and Transfer pt. 1
Snapping and Transfer pt. 2


Deformers Introduction
Deformers pt. 1
Deformers pt. 2

Organic Modeling

Organic Modeling Introduction
Tree Stump - Magnet
Tree Stump - Brush Tool

Understanding Tags and Layers

Tags and Layers Introduction
Using Layers to Manage Scene Elements
Tags - Compositing pt. 1
Tags - Compositing pt. 2
Other Useful Tags


Lighting Introduction
Light Effects pt. 1
Light Effects pt. 2
Light Effects pt. 3
Lighting Tool
Specialty Lights
Target Light
Light Presets
Sun Light

Scene Objects

Scene Objects Introduction
Foreground and Background


Camera Introduction
Camera Elements pt. 1
Camera Elements pt. 2
View Modes
Rotation Modes

Texturing with Materials

Materials Introduction
Materials Manager
Understanding the Basic Editor
Developing Color and Layers pt. 1
Developing Color and Layers pt. 2
Developing Color and Layers pt. 3
Working with Diffusion
Bump vs. Normals vs. Displacement
Luminance and Glow
Transparency and Alpha
Specularity and Specular Color
Channel Shaders vs. Volumetric
Banji Shader
Banzi Shader
Cheen Shader
Danel Shader
Mabel Shader
Nukei Shader
Terrain Shader

Body Paint and UV Mapping

BodyPaint and UV Introduction
UV in C4D
Applying a Decal
Body Paint Overview
Paint Wizard Set-up
Adjusting the UV Mesh pt. 1
Adjusting the UV Mesh pt. 2
Materials Options and Canvas Size
Color-Materials Manager
Brush Settings and Effectors
Working with Brush Presets
Painting with Color and Bitmaps
Complex Texture Building pt. 1
Complex Texture Building pt. 2
Complex Texture Building pt. 3
Complex Texture Building pt. 4
UV Organic Unwrap pt. 1
UV Organic Unwrap pt. 2
UV Organic Unwrap pt. 3

Projection Man

Projection Man Introduction
Projection Man pt. 1
Projection Man pt. 2
Projection Man pt. 3


Animation Introduction
Standard Interface Keyframing
Timeline Interface pt. 1
Timeline Interface pt. 2
Non Linear Animation Motion Layer pt. 1
Non Linear Animation Motion Layer pt. 2
Animation Layers
Animation Previews

Render Settings

Rendering Introduction
Rendering pt. 1
Rendering pt. 2
Picture Viewer

Conclusion & Credits

Review and C4D Extras
About the Author


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